Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel

"Someone, someone!" says Mouse.

Vanilla Bunny, a gift to someone who likes bunnies.

"I made a crown because Jesus is the King!" Jonah declared.

Zechariah with wrinkly hands

I'm so glad I found the Truth in the Tinsel eBook this year! We have been going through the Christmas story with that book, and it has been wonderful! We have not done the crafts in the book every day, but it has been nice to read and to discuss the scripture with Jonah. We even had Sunday school the other day when Jonah had a friend over, and we did one of the days in the book together. We will definitely do this again next year and I warmly recommend this to you and your little children.

Other than that, we have been making gifts. Jonah helped me with some of them, like the bunny.

Here is a book to read with toddlers that we received this last Christmas. I love the illustration and the different perspective of the Christmas story.  As I was googling a picture of this book, I ran into a lovely blog, Planet of the Apels, that had a list of children's Christmas books and reviews for them.

We also bought "The Very First Noel" short film and enjoyed it, too. There is one thing that bothers me about it, though…the wise men went to see Baby Jesus in the stable, whereas Scripture tells us they went to the house of Joseph and Mary (Matthew 2:11). Like with all books that have this common mistake, I just tell my kids while reading it how the story *really* goes.

There is so much to write about, and not enough time! I'll be back later, whenever I have a chance.